MPAF is a framework which uses the positional audio information from popular games(like Battlefield 3) to sort people into the appropriate channels on your Mumble server.
As such MPAF does not require any client modification to work, simply set up your mumble server with MPAF and your users won't have to worry at all.
There is absolutely NO CLIENT SETUP to be done, your friends can just join your MPAF enabled Mumble server, switch to the appropriate game channel(MPAF will create these when it detects them)
and start playing.

If you just want to download a new version of MPAF jump to: Download
The changelog is available here: Changelog

Public Test Server

I created a mumble server for everyone to use, it is located in Germany and run on a 100Mbit dedicated server at Hetzner.
Feel free to use it if you do not have your own MPAF enabled mumble server:
Port: 64738

Simply join the Battlefield 3 channel and try it out, you do not need to download anything but Mumble.
Check out the Advanced Usage Section on this page.


There are some basic prerequisites you need in order to run MPAF on your mumble server.

I recommend that you get a dedicated/Vserver and run your own mumble server, this makes things way easier than finding a host which will run the application for you.

How it works

Taking Battlefield 3 as an example, the Mumble server has access to a series of game information. This works by reading directly from the game memory, or accessing API functions.
You can read more about how the game plugins work on the Mumble wiki.
Basically this information is available:

Avatar and Camera Pos/Top/Front tells us about the position of the player, it is used for positional audio(see the wiki link).

The Context section is for information like servers, realms, game lobbys etc. It also includes which game the client is currently playing.
The Identity section holds information about squad, team and other usefull information, for example we now know that the player is:

Basic Usage

MPAF will automatically detect supported games(for now Battlefield 3 and League of Legends) and create game channels for it as soon as the game is detected for the first time.
Once the channel has been created ask your friends to join the appropriate game channel in order for MPAF to do its magic. If somebody does not want to get moved when playing any of the
supported games, tell him to leave the game channel, MPAF will not force switch anyone outside the game channels.

You can view an example video here:

Advanced Usage

As you might have noticed, MPAF links the squad channels with eachother, however you do not hear anyone talking!
In order to use the linked channels for communication between squads create a new keybinding:

  1. Under Configure->Settings->Shortcuts, create a new shortcut.
  2. Select the function: Whisper/Shout.
  3. Click on the button in the Data Column.
  4. Click the "Shout to Channel" radio box on the top.
  5. Select "Current" in the "Channel Target" list, and tick both the "Shout to Linked channels" and "Ignore positional audio" checkbox.
  6. Now asign a key to it.
This will make you talk to anyone on your current team.


I would recommend to run MPAF on the same host as the Mumble server, this makes things a lot easier, if this is impossible make sure that the host which is running MPAF is NOT behind a NAT/Router.

  1. Install Java on the host which will run MPAF.(Debian: apt-get install openjdk-7-jre, Windows: Download Java 7 JRE)
  2. Download MPAF.
  3. Extract to any folder.
  4. Edit configuration)
  5. Run mpaf with this command: java -jar mpaf.jar
  6. Check the command line log output if everything works. If it does not display any errors it should work.
    Also navigate to http://mpafhostip:10000 to see the web interface(demo), it displays some information about your server.


The basic config file looks like this:

New game server channels will be created for every game server somebody is playing on, you can rename these parent channels without any trouble, do NOT rename the comment of those channels!


Version Link
Alpha 0.3 Download
Alpha 0.2 Download
Alpha 0.1 Download


Version Changes
Alpha 0.3 Users will now get switched out of the squad/team channels once they stop playing.
Alpha 0.2 Fixed some permissions. Do a clean install.
Alpha 0.1 Initial Release, supports Battlefield 3 and League of Legends.